Types of Wheels

There are major categories of wheels. In the past the majority of tires were made of steel. As the wheel industry grows new rim manufacturering techniques evolve. Leading to stronger, lighter, and more affordable wheels. The wheel style you select can certainly affect the performance & handling drastically. So if you are looking to customize a car, the coolest way to do it is with after market tires and custom rims. Depending on the type of vehicle (off road truck, fast car, lowrider, ect) you will probably be looking at different characteristics of wheels. Here are some basics:

Steel Wheels

Steel Wheel. Your standard stock wheel on your basic car.Usually the stock wheels on a vehicle. These type of car wheels are sometimes covered with hub caps. Your spare is usually a good example of a plain and simple steel wheel. They are inexpensive & sturdy, but heavy in weight. Steel wheels are being used less and less nowadays because of cheaper and lighter alternatives. Steel wheels are heavier, and in theory, are bad for you fuel efficiency on your car or truck.

Alloy Wheels

Allow rims are commonly referred to as Mags. Alloy wheels are rimsMost aftermarket wheels are alloys made from an aluminium and/or magnesium alloys. Typically Alloy wheels can improve a car's appearance when replacing steel rims, including improving performance and handling of your ride. A common feature of alloy wheels is that many have wheel designs that take into consideration the braking system by attempting to provide ventilation for preventing discs and pads from overheating. This allows for optimal braking performance. Alloy wheels are low weight and strong.

Chrome Wheels

Chrome is a finish. Steel wheels and alloy wheels can be finished in chrome. Chrome is a popular finish on steel wheels


Spinners are becoming very popular

Spinners on Wheels: Spinners are wheel accessories or built in functions. Spinners are not meant to improve performance but do attract attention and visual appeal. Spinners spin when the car is in motion, and continue to spin for a short amount of time after the vehicle has stopped moving.

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