Tires in Phoenix, AZ

  Need Tires? We got them! And we have them at excellent prices. Mil Amores Tires carries a wide variety of new & used tires. We carry name brands and affordable brand tires in all of our Phoenix locations. Because we have several tire stores in and around the metro area, we buy in bulk and we are able to pass on the savings to YOU. When shopping for tires we are your one stop resource.

We carry a large selection of new tires and wheels. We are conveniently located in Phoenix. We appreciate each and every customer and believe in giving a great value in every transaction with our customers. Tires are very important to you and your car. Don't jepordize safey. Get new tires for your vehicle at Mil Amores Tires and Wheels!

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Mil Amores Tire Store

One Stop Tire Shopping

We are you one stop tire store. We have fast, professional, and affordable tire services. We sell tires, wheels, and everything else you might need. You can find lug nuts, locks, and many other accessories. We have new and used, top end and affordable, all with fast and professional service. All your tire shopping needs are met here!

We SELL all types of tires:

  1. New name brand tires
  2. New budget brand tires
  3. Same as factory tire replacements
  4. Used Tires
  5. tires for custom wheels
  6. tire packages
  • affordable
  • fast tire installations
  • professional tire installation

Your Tire Dealer in Phoenix, AZ

If you are in the market for tires then you found the right company! Mil Amores Tires and Wheels. We make the tire selection process fast and easy for you. You don't purchase tires every day so we understand that it is very important. With several locations in Phoenix you can be sure that we will be there for you!

Tires Facts and Safety

firefox-grayYour tires already have a lot to deal with. The Phoenix weather is dry and hot. This puts additional stress on your tires. Tire under inflation is the leading cause of most tire failure. Using tire pressure gauges and checking your tire pressure regularly can easily help keep your tires in top shape. A car or truck tire can be as much as 50% under inflated before it is can be visibly noticeable to the average person. Independent reasearch has shown that not only are under inflated tires more susiptible to damage and premature failure, but they may also lead to higher than average Phoenix, AZ fuel costs by as much as 3 to 5ยข per gallon.

We are a new tires store and a used tires store in Phoenix, Arizona.